MINI UFO verses 14" mono

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Ok so I've been using a coiltek MINI UFO(mono) I like it very much but it tends to be a little on the noise side. I would like to try the coiltek 14" mono. The MINI UFO seems to be very sensitive to small gold. what about the 14" round. They are pretty much the same size, but the MINI UFO seems like it would cover more ground being 10x17 compared to 14" round! Have any of you field tested thes side by side. Im aware of the wait differnce (the MINI UFO is so light)

Also how does the big UFO stand up to the larger coiltec round coils?

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airboy, if your asking about the Coiltek 12x24 UFO coil, I have two of them.

Why two? Because their ass kickers on big deep nuggets and if one quits I don't want to be left standing around without one.

1- 180 grams, eight feet further a 182 gramer both three feet deep.

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Hello Airboy,

I have used both coils in the past with good success. I probably found more gold with the famous Coiltek 14-inch Mono Round than any other searchcoil. This was the hottest selling coil before the 17-inch elliptical Wallaby series was released.

The Coiltek 14-inch round will get just a tad more depth. I have found nuggets down to about 2-grain near the surface with this coil. Pretty much the perfect sized coil for prospecting. You can still find the small nuggets, big nuggets and cover a good amount of ground without wearing your arm out.

I would give the sensitivity edge to the Coiltek Mini UFO. I have found them a bit smaller than the Coiltek 14-inch round.

The big UFO is also great, but you need open areas to swing it. It's light, waterproof and covers a lot of ground in very little time.

It kind of comes to preferrence, elliptical vs. round coils.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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