Todays hunt with my uncle Allen and SHEP

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Went to the patch early this morning, Shep got 4 nuggets for a total of 3.4 DWT and my uncle Allen got two, a 11.* DWT and a 3.4 DWT. I got skunked today, it was my turn. Here's pictures of my uncles nuggets and a couple of shots of Shep and I on break. Didn't get pictures of Sheps, he can post them if he has not had to much CABO. Grubstake Shep likes his new coil a Platy.

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Hello Grubstake,

Good to hear you guys got out to the patch and found some gold. Great to see Shep finding them with the Coiltek Platypus coil up there. The 11+ Dwt piece your uncle got is also a beauty. That will make a good pendant piece.

Ok, now what about this skunk of yours? :P Your package will ship tomorrow, so you should see it Tuesday or Wednesday if the mail is running normal up there.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Bob when I'm crawling under that manzanita and scrub brush, detecting; any ol rattler sees me; they just see a pretty bush just blowing in the wind and move about their business................................................ Believe that?

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Thanks ROB, he said he want one big enough to pull railroad spikes out of the ground, so that will do it. M.O. on the way in the morning too. He got a new pick, so he wants a new magnet! A BIG magnet. Grubstake ps.

TOOO! much Cabo tonight SHEP?

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Hey Shep,

I don't know if I believe that or not, but it sounds good.

I would post a picture of a dink or two, once in awhile, but am ashamed to now after seeing the stuff that you guys are awlays finding.

You guys have a hard act to follow.

Wish I could shake you and Grubstakes hands, maybe a little of that would rub off on me.

Bob T.

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Bob, the real trick is just getting in VIRGIN ground, which is done up here, but most is private. You just have to ask, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I now have many properties where I can go, all private. But then again I asked. I do have some BLM land that is paying, reaserch got that. People think the Mother load is played out, Maybe for big mining company's it is, but for the loner with a good detector, it can be a BANNAZA! Grubstake

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