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Well I finally got the chance to go to Rattle Snake Canyon. I'm very glad that the fires didn't get that far, for that is very pretty country. I met Joe for the gold at Rim Rock and followed him out. We the first to get there, knowing the others wouldn't get there til 8:30 or 9:00pm. We had dinner and discussed the worlds ill while capping off a few rounds. I must stay in shape in case of critters :huh: . Got ya thinking of that one huh B) .

All was going good, Mike and Mick got up ok and we all BS'D for a few hours. Now as for me, I'm a bull in the china shop. Not to stable with my back the way it is, but with a good brace, I can walk and swing a coil. Now that is what I planned to do Saturday. That is until I tripped over these 2 big rocks right in the middle of camp. Now I knew they were there but I still found them when I should'nt have. Down I go, tail bone on one rock, hip on the other rock and than flat on my ass on the ground :angry::angry: . Now this is not a good way to start. Any of you with lower back problems will understand. The guys helped and I didn't start hurting so I throught I was home free. Saturday morning, it was all I could do to stand up or walk. So my plans got changed and all worked out for the good.

Joe, Thanks for the wisdom shared, I know its not a topic most people talk about, most avoid it at all cost. But true friends arn't worried about the other. Thanks also for helping get into the wash so that I could at least give the hunting a try. I found 2 maybe 3 pounds of lead, most probably thrown away by one of the above.

Mick, It was go to see you again and hope by late Sept or early Oct we can do some placer mining.

Mike, Thanks for going over the pictures I had of a new area, especially since you have heard a couple people mention it.

Paul, Sorry about your day too. But it was good to see you without all the bees screwing with us. Come Oct we can hit hard or easy and get some placer gold from the the valley.

All thinks said, thanks guys for everything.


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Hot Dog Bob if it had not been for bad luck you wouldn't had no luck at all. Like I say getting old is not for the weak because you have to be strong to make it.

Its more gold in the friends you make than the gold you find. Maybe one day I'll meet you but remember we both don't get down at the same time so one can help the other up. :D

Hope you are better soon! Chuck

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Its very pretty country. I would have enjoyed alot more of it had it not been for my gracefulness. I've attached a few pictures of the area and also the fire zone. As for the gold, well I can not answer that one since I didn't get any. I did however find what looks like a very small uncut Ruby in my top riffle.


Good morning Chuck,

I was able to get my own coffee this morning. Made a big mess of my right hip and lower back. Like my wife says, stay with placering that way when you fall down we can just throw your buckets to ya, give you an umbella with plenty of water and you'll stall out of trouble for a little while.

Are you going to be going to Greaterville? If so, I will see ya there. I think I'll buy me a robot suit so's that I don't hurt myself if I fall in camp.


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Howdy Everyone...

Yep... Rattlesnake canyon is pretty. It was lucky the fire

did not cause more damage than it did.

Gosh... Rob... If Richard D. (RD) is "gramps" to you, he is

still a youngster to me. The definition of "old age" is anyone

10-years older than you are.

Also, let me give a hint: Rattlesnake canyon has now been

worked out. RD has found all of the gold. And if he missed

any, Midge Seapy found it.

And, 29prospector, hope your fall is on the mend.

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Thanks Dutch. I went in and saw the doc today :huh: . X-rays, MRI, a shot to the right wrist and one to the rear end, of course it ges in on the side I hit, and the Doc says, Dunk oh boy, next time hit a rock that has gold in it. At least that way it will sound believable :lol::lol: .

Sad part, no mining for 2 weeks. Ya, right!!!!!


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Hi Bob

I just came back from LA it sure was nice and cool.I didn't want to come back to this 100 hot place.

Will its good you got to the make sure that nothing was broken.Yes I will be in Greaterville if I can and right now I don't see anything that may stop me.

I've got to get someplace to do some nugget hunting because I've got a new detector and I have yet found one nugget in my back yard :D Will other than ones that I put out for testing. :rolleyes:

Get well soon! Chuck

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Do hope you can make it :mellow: . I'm looking forward to meeting everybody :lol: . I'v got a red 92 Toyota with a black shell and I will be towing a Coleman Tent Trailer :rolleyes::rolleyes: . May not be able to MD much cause I not sure how quickly I'm going to heal :angry::angry: . Doctor called today and said that there are no new cracks in my spine, but my right wrist will need therpy :o:o . My hardrock partner of 25 years hopes to come also. He said he can sit me down somewhere with the drywasher and let me dig away. Now that I can do, at least for now :lol: .

Bob B)

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