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Hello All,

Today Leaverite and I headed out very early to hit a spot in the lower Bradshaw Mountain Range. It must have been 100% humidity today. Within just an hours time my T-Shirt was drenched in sweat. However, that didn't stop both of us in the search for that elusive yellow metal. :unsure:

We both hunted hard for about 5 hours digging iron rubbish, lead bullets, shell casings, copper nuggets and even some gold. I ended up with (7) gold nuggets and (2) small copper nuggets. Leaverite kept the skunk, but was able to say he found a nugget, copper that is. :P I think he jinxed himself when he found that 1+ ouncer in one of my old stomping ground. Another 100 small nuggets and we might be even. :rolleyes:

Pictured below are the gold nuggets. All the nuggets on the right are mine from today including the two top copper nuggets on the left. I was using the Minelab GP3500 and the Coiltek Joey Mono Searchcoil. Leaverite was using the GP3500 also, but the larger Coiltek Wallaby Mono Searchcoil.

We did bump into a nice Diamondback Rattler earlier in the morning. :huh:

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Nice finds ROB, Shep and I went out this morn ourselves, but got skunk, Sheps Platypus was really acting up after a while, so we called it quites about noon. The wire that goes into right at the coil, was falsing, even if you just touched it, not sure why, mine works fine, does not do that at all. Mine only false's when you hit a rock or big branch in the brush. But his was really going nuts for some reason. We put a stock coil on his machine, it was fine. So I'm not sure what was up with the Platypus. Like I said the one I have does not do that, its my favorite coil. But I think Shep will see if it does that next week at RP, and get back to you. Grubstake

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Hello Guys,

Alan - No the Joey didn't detect the Rattler, but worked nice for keeping him at bay. This Rattler was very aggressive and started buzzing before we got within 20-30 foot of it. I see you received the X-Terra 30. :rolleyes:

Grubstake - You know I will make sure Shep is taken care of. Check your PM again.

29Prospector - Haven't hit anything of size lately, just small nuggets. However, it's so hot and humid I've been poking around old locations. Question about the Rattlesnake - I thought the Coontails tail colors touched? What I mean is the black and white should go all the way around the tail and touch. This one had staggered black/white on the tail. The white touched the black, and the black touched the white? Is that normal?

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Sorry about that guys, it must have a bad wire at the entry point.

Sometimes the strain relief down there is a little loose and people have the inclination to torque it down - that has to be done very carefully, and really doesn't need to be done at all, because the coil is completely waterproof whether that strain relief is loose or not.

Sometimes during the manufacturing process someone gets a little over energetic in tightening the strain relief and twists and breaks the wires inside the coil or shorts them out.

Rob said he had a new one in stock so I tol him to get it off to you straight away. Sorry for the aggravation.


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