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Rob A,

I heard some old guys BSing in public campground one night around the campfire on the N.Fk. of the Yuba River about "Who did this" & "Who did that" and your name was heard with some positive replys and such...and we all talked a bunch that night(they were drinking ...and I CANT drink anymore... damn it...I'm allergic to alcohol :angry: )but I heard that Gold Fever is "possibly" heriditary and we traded thoughts on this matter...So now I thought I'd ask you.Are you the one who taught Chris Olsen(from Arizona Outback)how to use the Metal Detector?In other gold fever HONESTLY heriditary?(I heard Chris is your cousin/relative,true?If so...Has the whole Allison Family caught Gold Fever at one time or another?

My Great Grandfather Ralph O'Malley was a gold miner(hard-rocker/underground) at Cripple Creek,Colorado.When he found out I was interested in prospecting at age 6 he got very excited that someone else in the family got the Gold Fever.

One day while I was visiting him at his apartment he asked "Hey,You wanna see ALL MY GOLD son?"...I said "sure" but was nervous about the way he acted and slurred his speach(I was to young to understand what alcoholism was about and my so-called "dad" didnt know how to explain things to me well at all) so my Great GrandFather (Ralph) motioned for me to enter his bedroom.......He said "Here it is!Ya sure ya wanna see all of it???" .......I said "YES!".He opened his sliding closet door wide open.Ralph said "THERE IT IS....ALL OF MY GOLD...ALL THE DIGGIN&SCRAPPING...RISKIN MY LIFE FOR ALL OF THIS!HERE IT IS!!!"...

I looked hard at first....then I was puzzled...I didnt see ANYTHING that looked like gold in that closet....all I saw were his collection of all his old musty dusty dress clothes...nothing but suits,pants&ties..."Thats ALL I got to show for it kid...nothing but ALL THIS!" he said in a dissapointed/mad & sad tone.I was kinda bummed out myself after he got me all excited.......I thought I was gonna see TONS of gold laced rock ROLLING out of that closet...only to see dusty clothes!"Damn" I thought.......(I hadnt aquired 'miners mouth' back then 'THANK GOD')......I would've never made it through Catholic School!lol!

Everyone can get thier own meaning out of this story for whatever its worth...its not really meant to be inspirational "do-do" OR "Chicken Soup For The Mole" kind of writing.......just is what it is.

I was to young to understand what he(Ralph) was trying to tell me...back that time & place....but now I do.He would be proud to know of how far I went & where I went & what I did ...with whats left.......of fever!



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Howdy Bigfoot!

Yeah, I see what the old prospector was telling you, just as you know now that you're older and wiser :D

I'm sure you've heard the story of an old miner that won millions in the "Lottery" a little while back. When asked what he was going to do with all that money , his reply was "Well, I think I'll just keep on mining 'til I run outta money again" :unsure: Ya gotta love it though, I do :P

I guess the trick is to NEVER, EVER put yourself in a position to where you depend on it for a living Bigfoot B) I'm retired now as of July 1st and will start my long and slow tour of the "Great Southwestern USA" as a "Recreational Gold Prospector" just as soon as the weather turns cool. I think that should be around the last week in September or the first week in October.

Got the fever in October of 1994 and absolutely love it. I metal detect mostly but like drywashing and sluicing too. I'll just keep on mining "Until I run out of time" Bigfoot :D How about you? From all your posts (I've learned a few things from them I might add" you're one of the "Old Timers" in our midst and always enjoy reading what you have to say. Take care and "Always look to have fun out there" :D

George (Wishbone-NM)

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I really cant say when I will be done with this "stuff"......I figure I will retire once rigamortis sets in.One of these days a tour of the NorthWest could be in the works.Its to scarce to make a living off of......recreational only for me.Thanks.

Rob A what do ya say.......did I hit to close to home?


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