Which clubs to join ?

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Hello Dan,

For the Rich Hill, Stanton area I was say one of these four clubs, LDMA/GPAA, Weaver Mining District, Roadrunner's Prospecting Club or the 24 karat Gold Hunters Club. The LDMA/GPAA have most of their claims down in the flats where you found a specimen several years ago. The Weaver mave most of their claims down there also, but a elsewhere like the 3 or 8 pound patch area. The 24 Karat have pretty much the entire "Devil's Nest" area under claim and even over the hill towards the "Turkey Foot." They have a couple of other claims on the hill also towards the Stanton side. The Roadrunner's have claims down in the flats, below Myer's Mine and some near the Octave Mine area. All four clubs are good, just trying to pick which one is best will be hard. I guess it depends if you want to spend more time down in the flats or on Rich Hill itself.

As for Greaterville I know the GPAA have a few claims, but the Tucson Gold Digger's Club have the most down there.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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Dan: the following is some information on the above Clubs:

Gold Prospectors of America Association--Home office Temecula, California. They have claims in may States, about 50 in Arizona--cost about $ 80 to join --great deal Phone 1-800-551-9707

Roadrunners Prospectors Club, Phoenix, AZ--they have a lot of claims in Arizona--some what pricey about $ 170 to join and the first years membership, then $120 a year after that. Lifetime membership is $1500 and $100 of your yearly dues are applied against that amount.--good club lots of outings-office is open on mongays and fridays from 9am until 1 pm--office voice mail # is (602) 274-2521. Membership director is Jack Englebrecht (480) 460-2222.

Desert Gold Diggers-Tucson, Arizona (website) www.desert-gold-diggers.org

I don't have the area code but the phone # are Fred Murphy (treasurer_ 991-7536, or Sherry Paris (Public Relations) 579-4363. Dues are about $30 a year

Weaver Mining District--Congress, AZ--Les Bender (928) 427-6344--Dues $25 per Year claims are limited to the area around Stanton and Rich Hill.

Good Luck and have fun

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Hi Dan,

I live in Colorado but have joined about all the clubs mentioned at one time or the other. I am a lifetime member of the Road Runners and just joined the Desert Gold Prospectors of Tucson, last year. Over the years, I have been a member of most of the clubs operating the devil's nest claims. Today it is the 24K club again.

All the clubs mentioned have very decent claims. However, I do have to admit over the years, I have found more gold on Rich Hill on the Devil's nest claims than anywhere else. If you get there when a push is being done, the chances of finding gold are extremely good. The cost is higher than the rest, but the ability to find gold is much greater also. The key is to get there and hunt when allowed after a push. Things get a lot tougher the longer you wait after a push.

The Weaver Mining district has some decent claims also but have been hit hard. They still produce nuggets though. Like all the rest, the key is to get the coil over the gold. The price makes it worth it to join.

The Road Runners Club has a large number of very decent claims and will get you into gold producing areas across the state. So, if you plan on hunting other areas or just want a wide range of areas to hunt, then this club is one to look at also.

Strange but I looked through the Desert Gold Diggers newsletter and couldn't find the area code listed either. It is 520, however. Here is the link to their application form for membership and their website.



The Desert Gold Diggers claims will get you in the right areas to find gold in the Tucson area. Unfortunately, I am not that familiar with that area yet, so I can't help you much there.

Basically, I have repeated what the others have said, but have tried to provide a little more info. Hope it helps.


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