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When it cools off and you get over this way, bring your Quad.

I have a place to show you, only been there a couple of times myself. About four years ago.

There is a road but its too narrow and dangerous for a pick-up. And its way too far to hike in.

Let me know ahead of time.

May find something, may find nothing but there has been a fair amount of work there.

Last one I found there was about ten feet inside an old drift, in the dirt of the floor. Drift was not in hardrock but placer alluvial. Small, maybe 10 or 12 grains.


Bob T.

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  • Admin

Hello Bob,

I don't personally own a quad yet, but after driving Leaverite's around the last couple of weekends I just have to get one. Leaverite has a couple of quads, so when we need to do some backroading I'm able to borrow one.

Bob, regardless if we find something, I'm always up for an adventure. The friendship and hunt means more to me than gold nuggets. I actually can't wait for the cooler weather.

That old drift sounds interesting. I'm sure if they were placer drifting there's more nuggets around. Hopfully they aren't too deep.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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