Sawtooth 06

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After all the posts on how to get to Sawtooth, talked to Everett the night before I left and decided to go thru RP, instead of going thru Winnemucca. Got up there no problem, roads were fine, just went slow.

The first morning out, within an hour, got a little one (weighed .4 grams) right off the bat. Gonna be a great trip, for sure! In the next 3 days, put close to 40 miles on the quad, trying here and there. Noting the ground where I found the little one, I found an area where someone earlier had done a complete rake down (must of done very well there), so I knew I was looking in the right type of areas. That first little nugget was all I found. I didn’t get skunked at least.

I met Floyd up there. He gave me an idea where there were active claims, so I tried to stay clear of them. I’m sure there have been some nice gold pulled from that area; I just didn’t find any. I will say tho, if anyone is making the money up there, it’s the local hardware stores; white PVC leach field pipe sticking up everywhere!

Saturday night, decided to pack up and try RP again. Hunted Sunday afternoon and Monday till about 2. Temps were up, it was rather warm out. About 5 in the evening decided to try it one last time. Found the next nugget within 100 yards of where we were camped in about 20 minutes. Gridded the area, nada. Detected for another hour, but that was it.

Grasses were a little high, weather was excellent (except got a little warm towards the end. About 3 days in, the wife (her first trip out), said don’t feel hurt, but that would probably be her last trip out. She tried the detector bit, no patience; tried the quad, but likes motorcycles better. I had a good time tho, would of liked to put her over a nugget.

The last picture, was of an interesting maze of quartz in mother rock. I just thought it was interesting.

That’s it!





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If you don't mind me asking, I'm just wondering which nugget in the photo came from Sawtooth and which from the Rye Patch area. Also, what is the weight on the Rye Patch nugget? Nice finds by the way, glad the roads were ok.


Sorry, if i were more observant I would have noted the 2.7 grams and done some math to find the Rye Patch nugget must be the larger 2.3 gram nugget.


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  • Admin

Hello Shep,

Good to hear you had a good time and got over some gold. I would love to head back up to that country, but I know a weekend just don't do the trick. I would need a couple of weeks to do all the exploring I would like up there. I'm sure some of the ground I was thinking about is now claimed. Claims are going up everywhere out here. I think someone just stuck a damn claim stake in my front yard! :rolleyes:

I'm sure your coil is sitting in your PO Box. Thanks once again for the purchase. Get back up to Grubstake's patch and clean it out! :P

Bring your wife down here this winter and I will get you both over a nugget.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Rob, it is interesting area up there, but believe before I go back up there, I'll be in a diesel 3/4T. By going thru Yosemite, I can cut 3 hours off the trip. I don't think my 1/2T would get my Toyhauler over Tioga Pass.

I committed myself for as long as I could at RP in a real trashy dry creek bed. Used the wallaby (no problems) and discrimination and dug every target. Got frustrated after about 45 minutes. The Platypus wouldn't of helped, don't believe.

Saw your post on finds w/ the joey mono. That'll probably be next.

Will get by P.O. tomorrow. Thanks, Shep

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Daine (spelled it wrong?) Kamikaze- I tried to find her a patch. That last one, when I found it, I yelled and yelled at her (she was in the shower). Just as well; it was an Army patch (Army of one)

Are you gonna make it over this spring at RH? Wandering around all them Hawaii beaches is gonna make you blind; you're gonna get like John B., for sure! I'll supply the generator, Gary can bring the coffee pot and you the coffee! Sound like a deal?

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Hi Shep, I've been pretty much spending my whole traveling budget on Summer trips to Alaska. I'd like to spend a week in AZ eventually and meet up with you all again but this darn "earning a living" thing keeps getting in the way of my plans... :D When I do get back up there, I'll definately bring the coffee!

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Kamikaze, you know bribing people with good coffee early in the morning, you might get some good tips (I did) and it might put you over a spot where you could retire (I didn't).

Take care my friend, Shep ;)

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