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Good evening everyone. Well the weather has started to let up a little so I went mining. Ran into 2 Marines who were out looking around and had them stay for about an hour or so. They said that they were trained in digging holes very fast :lol::lol: . One just got back last weekend and the other one was getting ready to deploy.

Well after talking for about an hour or so, I went to work on my hole. I was able to take it down about 8 inches and back about 2 feet. By the time I got all the rocks thrown out and my material classified, I had enough to fill 5 2 gal. buckets. Well I went up and ran those 5 buckets thru the drywasher with high hopes. Well I think my high was feom something else, cuz ny rate of return sucked, I mean really sucked!

Its been a while since I've got such a little bit of gold. I'm begining to think that someone has thrown a skunk my way. I've attached pictures for your viewing pleasure.


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I dont know if its just the way I am reading the photo, but it looks like bedrock is rising up in the back of the hole. Maybe not so good a sign for gold.



I have taken the pictures looking down into the hole. The 3rd pictures that is cirled in blue is the face of the bedrock that is cracked up. It is still going downward at about a 30 degree angle. Doc has bottomed out at his site and that is a 4 maybe 5 feet. It looks to me as I get up above and look at the wash as a whole, it widens out about 20 south of where I'm at and the wash seem to be about 15 foot across where I'm digging. The area I would like to work is on another claim. I'm going to give it the rest of this week and than it up to the good claim. I want to see how the weather is going to be. If its good then it gold mining time.


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