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I'm having a reality check here in NM...I think I may have bought too much machine for the size of the gold we have to hunt for here. What VLF's are some of ya'll using and what kind of results are ya getting. I'm going to get a VLF and sell the ole 3000 I just bought., just can't justify have that much money tied up for hunting small gold. Thanks.


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I use a Gold Bug 2 which has performed well for me. My primary gold hunting is dry placer using a drywasher, as I believe you have found out on your other post. I use my GB2 to scan my bedrock and wall prior to leaving and I also check my drywasher headering and tailings.

The Tosoro Super Lobo is very good as well as the Whites GMT.

If I prospecting, that is looking for new areas, I use the GB2 for that purpose. I have found that it will go as deep as 8-10 inches but 4-6 is average.

Why are you getting away from the gp3000? Its a very good machine.

If your selling it let me know in a PM.


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Hello Dan,

I have used most of all the VLF gold hunters in the past. I liked the Fisher Goldbug 2, White's GM3 and the Eureka Gold the best. The Eureka Gold is nice cause you have the option of (3) freqs vs. just one with the other VLF detectors. The Fisher Goldbug2 has the highest operating freq at 71kHz's, but can be a bear to work in highly mineralized ground conditions.

I liked the discrimination ability of the Tesoro Lobo ST.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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