12 signs of facism

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think your looking the wrong way change a few things bush to==Islam radical=enemys-jew /america when they say death to america they mean YOU/ME/US non believers=rights you would have none=secret take your pick=money from oil corruption is beyond or imagnations Old Arafats wife still shopping in Paris with the 3 +Billion he took=they have there own State sponsord TV/RADIO/PAPER/LESSONS GIVEN IN to the young at school/womans rights none wife rights is she fat killer if she dosn't agree with you kill her if you want a different one have a friend kill her/no elections/HITLER STARTED the same way Hittler Youth teachem

young give us this well be good then remember a guy called Chamberlin

MY ran't done if you like i post a sight that will scare the ---- out of you and make you ---

Islams goal is to take over the world period if your not one of them your no better than a cow and should be taken to market and slaughterd thats a Quote =First europe starting with England or France then the rest then America North and South Haven for =cristians then India to get those hindus.Who lucky for them have THE BOMB or they be first-Now The Pope are you blind

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To clarify,

did not post this to start a negative rant on America,

or anywhere else.

More along the line putting up ideas for our little community to take a look at and talk about.

Not to finger point, not to flame anyone,

rather, try to open discussion on whether or not we want to

look at some rather pertinant aspects of our present state of affairs.

Most certaintly not to preach to, or at, anyone.

Your points are well taken.

I would be interested to see that site you mentioned, put it up.

or if you would rather, PM me...

Just wondering whether it is important to start with us before we can start changing them?

I agree we are under a tremendous threat.

I would only add that it is coming from many directions.



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