Day 3 of a 3 day work week

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For some reason Doc hooked up with one of his old prospecting students who wanted to play in the dirt. This guy is one of those kind of people you meet few and far between. We spent 2 days moving overburden, digging holes and fixing roads. last nite he blew a coupler on the bucket. So this morning we get out early to fix it and neither one of use had the right size wrench. So I goes to town to get the stuff we need and he could still use the bucket so he widen the hole and did some more road repair. Well by the time I got back, he had blown a rear tire. So we are done. The pictures you are about to see is whats left of our little west hole.


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Hey Bob great pic's and glad to see your getting set-up for some winter mining, but I'm a bit confused :huh: here (confusion happens when you don't get to play in the dirt as often as you'd like to :blink: ).

Are you in a different area where the 'hoe' is allowed to be used, or just doing assessment work and road repair?


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I bet that handy 151 will crank out some great color for you over the next season. B)


I wasn't sure if I would like 151. My Keene Puffer has been a great machine except weight. We my back is slowly going downhill and its all I can do to get the puffer in and out of the truck. The 151 is lite and the B&S motor is very easy to carry.


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