Todays hunt with Shep and my Uncle

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Well the skunk is off my back, went to the patch today, I was useing the Wallaby today to start with, Shep the Platypus and my uncle a 14 DD E nF. We all found gold, I found mine right off the bat, a 6.7 DWT and Shep found a couple smaller ones, my uncle found a little 1/2 Grammer. Mines going to be mounted for me as a necklace. Skunks gone. Grubstake

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Hello Grubstake,

Well I guess if you're going to dodge the skunk, a 1/3 ouncer is the way to do it! :D Congrats on another beautiful piece of California gold. Good to hear your Uncle and Shep also scored some nuggets. Leaverite and I got out and found (9) nuggets total, but nothing like yours.

Were you able to rides the quads up there again, or did you have to hike it? :(

Did you find the nugget with the Coiltek Wallaby or Platypus?

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Well DOC it was BATES Boots alright, but the old ones, this happened before I got the new ones, which I love, because they fit so good. I'm Batching it for the next 7 days, my wifes sister in Jackson Ville Fl passed away SAT. Evening, the funeral is this coming SAT. My wife leaves at 5 am in the morning from Fresno, to fly back with her mother and neice. Boy when things happen inmy famaily, they come in bunches. Grubstake

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