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Hello All,

Today Leaverite, Crownking Steve and I headed up to Rich Hill to prospect the 24 Karat Gold Hunters Club. They already had several pushes done, but had care keepers watching care keepers to make sure no one high grades the pushes before the opening date. A couple of the locations look very promising, so I'm sure some nuggets will turn up Oct. 14th (Saturday).

Within an hour I hit two small nuggets in an old patch area and later Leaverite found one. Crownking Steve was unable to find a nugget, but hunted very hard with his new Minelab GP3500 he purchased from me. Steve, it's just a matter of time and you're going to hit big! :D Don't let Kitty use the GP3500 or she will keep the record for the biggest nugget between you two. :huh:

Out on the claims we met up with Elly, Jim, Tom Enus, Larry, Charles and a few others. I believe the membership count is up to 160 members. I'm not sure how this push situation is going to work will all the Minelab PI's, but it's going to be comical to watch for sure.

I found the two small nuggets on the left side of the 14-inch round coil and Leaverite found the one on the right. Nothing big, but I only hunted for about 2 hours and BSed for about 4. :lol:

Hope to see all you members during the push.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hello Guys,

Colorado Bob - I'm not sure if I'm going to hunt or not. I might just sit and watch the circus and how everyone reacts. :P Maybe I will just sit on the side and keep my Minelab PI on! :o I will probably brave the maze of mad miners with a trusty old VLF. I'm only after the ounce plus pieces .... LOL

Hammer - Are you going to camp out up there over the weekend of the pushes? Don't believe we have met, so it will be nice to put a face with your name. You can easily find me, I'm only 5'1" and have a big nose! :lol:

Crownking Steve - I'm glad you joined up with us. If I wasn't spending so much time BSing I could have spent more time with you. Although, it is good PR if you know what I mean. I showed the Coiltek "Pocket Rocket" LI-Ion System to those guys and they couldn't believe it. If you don't have anything going on this weekend, give me a call or PM me and lets do it again. Hopefully next time will mean a nugget for you. I won't rub it in about Kitty finding the biggest .... :wacko:

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hmmmmmm! I guess we could all just sit on each corner of the 200X200 square of upturned dirt. With all of our PI's on with a bunches of bags of chips and dip and watch as hords of people scurry around looking for nuggets in the upturned dirt. So much signal and no way to take advantage of it! why if we could just figure out how to set up the spacings for everyone to setup that wouldn't create such a disharmonious standing wave of magnetic inductance that will prevent them all from hearing anything short of the size of a VW minnibuss! lol I bet there will be so much interference that PI's will be interfering with VLF's and vice versa!

And then I could just need a better fantasy! Or any fantasy at this point! I look at my 300 and I look at my coils and I look at my maps and I look at all ya'lls posting of nuggets found and I ...................Sigh a heavy Sigh! Soon I tell myself! Soon, I will be back over with kindred friends looking for gold instead of just looking at YOUR PICTURES of GOLD! LOL

BUT if the Rich Hill turned up dirt rush is anything like the Oklahoma Land Rush I think it is going to be, it is going to be mighty amuzing to watch! :)

I can wait for the "Dirt....I mean dust to settle and head over when the ground has cooled off a bit!

Send pictures I love pictures!

I can then SIGH some more! lol

Have a great one all!

And good luck!



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