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Well I sold my 04 Ford Van so my so call camper was gone. The price of gas had alot to do with it going. I now have a Ford Ranger Truck better on gas and it don't eat a hole in my pocket to keep it full.

With my camper gone(van) I needed something to stay in when out prospecting. I didn't want a pop-up because I had to be open up to get in. All the use travel trailers was bigger than I wanted to pull.

I've made trailers before but never a travel are camper type. I wanted something that I could stand up in because in a van you can never stand up. I stayed in Alaska and Montana for two months in one smaller than the one I sold.

Its small but it will work for me. The size is 5x9 but it will have a shower with a curtain that will drop down when not being use.It has a V nose going top to bottom not from side to side. I'm putting the door in the back to save wall space and a window on each side. I've building a battery box on the front to store the batteries to run my inverter with.

The sides is of 1/4 plywood with a 2x2 frame with everything having glue applyed. I'd say with the weight should not run over twelve hundred pounds are less.

Like I said the best part is I can stand up. The last time I was in AZ. It rain and rain for four days when I'd say will it stop raining I'd get my detector out to go nugget hunting but before I start out here came the rain again. I'd watch movies after movie then read and do the same all over again.

Give your take on this subject. What we'll do to go nugget hunting and have the comfort of home.


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Hey pondmn

I was thinking about doing the same thing but the cost of a new one is 25 hundred and its hard to find a use one.When I get this finish I well have about a thousand in it. The good part to cut cost I made my own trailer at less than 4 hundred with everything ready to roll.

I'm a long ways from being a good wood worker but the futher away you are the better it looks. :D:rolleyes:

Thanks for the reply!


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Chuck You are right about costs. You save a lot by using your own skills. As far as how it looks I have a 55 Chev Pickup that I built into a street rod and call it a 50 foot truck because from 50 feet it looks great. If someone criticizes tell them its good enough for who its for. Have you thought about gluing one inch building foam on the inside between the 2x2's. I got some for five bucks a 4x8 sheet at home depot and used it for a cheap ceiling in my shop and cut the temperature greatly during the summer and it also holds the heat in winter. Good luck in your project. Jerry

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I just sold a 10'er and it was tall enough for me to stand up in and I'm around 6'2" depends on what shoes I have on.

Inside was factory sheeted with 3/8" sheeting so you could hang about anything on the walls and the top also had a skin. Had white spoke wheels and a new tongue jack. The top front was some type of fiberglass that let some light in if the door was shut.

Sold it for $1200.00

Bob T.

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Thanks for the heads up on the trailer. I looked at one just about like it but with a price tag of thirteen thousand. The Ford Ranger can't pull something to big and everything I look at was to the point of it being pull up hill and it pushing me down hill. :D

Colorado Bob

The price you sold it for was a good price. With the cost of lumber and other things that keep going up its hard to make anything cheap any more.

Pondmn was telling me about the sheet foam for five dollars but now is 7.95. I don't think anybodys pay has jump up more than fifty percent.

Thanks! Chuck

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What about a tear dropper.

If i was to build a camper out of an inclosed utility trailer it would be out of the Carson brand. I use one for my construction trailer. They are a full frame and has the 1/2 inch ply wood inside. It has a walk on roof (just to let you know the strength)

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