A warning regarding the Lithium Ion Pocket Rocket System

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Minelab has asked me to remind everyone that if you are going to use your Lithium Ion Pocket Rocket secured to the side of your detector under no circumstances use the curly power cord !

They have had several incidents now where the metal detector blew a fet, because the machine was shorted out from wrapping the curly cord around the control box of the detector.

Curly cords are not meant to be wrapped around a detector box, this puts a stress on the cord that it was not meant to withstand, and it can cause the cord to short out.

Now please understand, this is not a fault of the Pocket Rocket Lithium Ion Battery System, the same thing would happen if you were using a lead acid battery and wrapped your curly cord around the control box.

If you are going to mount the Pocket Rocket to the side of your machine, then use the short power cord that COILTEK manufactures which can be used for this purpose. It goes right from the Pocket Rocket regulator, and goes right into the detector, with no need to wrap the wire around anything.

The short cord is $17 plus $3 for regular postal mail. Or you can make your own. Use some heavy shielded cable with four wires about 10 inches worth. Use a four pin female plug on each end. The voltage is carried, Red to pin 1, and black to pin 4. Your audio is carried to pins 2 and 3, but I can't remember which is the tip and which is the ground.



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Hello Doc,

I pretty much encourage anyone looking to mount the unit on the side of the control box to purchase a "Coiltek Short Power Cord." For the ones that are going to keep the Li-Ion System in their backpack or hip pouch to consider the "Heavy Duty Coiltek Curly Cords." These are much stronger than anything on the market today and are about twice the thickness of any other power cord.

On average I was going through about 3-4 stock Minelab Power Cords per year until the H/D Coiltek cord came out! :D Not knocking the stock ones, but the cord is much thinner and the rubber boots slide down and expose the tiny wires. Eventually the wires start to bend back and forth and break. :(

Anyone looking for the Coiltek Short Power Cord, Coiltek Heavy Duty Curly Cord or the Coiltek Heavy Duty Straight Power cord can contact me through email - auplacers@yahoo.com or phone (623) 362-1459, I always have them in stock. ;)

Take care,

Rob Allison

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If you are out hunting and you pull the curly cord to the point of being straight you have pull the fine wire to the limits. Its like the hairs on your head inside that insulation and as long the cord has some curl the wire won't break and will last you a long time. Thats the reason to always carry a extra cord with you. The same happens to your headphone cord but we all love them.


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