Look at this SWEET hat, I was going to give it to ....

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I was going to give this hat to a guy I know. But he's one of these guys that is always saying, "Hey we should go out prospecting together sometime. But then sometime never comes. You know know the type.

You say, "GREAT, how about next Saturday?"

Reply, "Um, that's really not good for me, because it is like the Sabbath and everything."

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know you were Jewish."

"I'm not, but I like to respect other people's religion."

"OK, Sunday ???"

"I'm Christian, Sunday is out."

"Oh yeah, you probably have to go to church."

"NO, not really, I don't go to church often. But just in case, I like to leave my Sundays open."

"No problem, I understand."

"Well, what about during the week?"

"During the week? Are you nuts or something, I have to work, I can't just be missing work for no good reason. I have to save my sick days for something important. But really, we have to get together sometime and go out prospecting."

"OK, we will have to do that, as soon as they add an eigth day to the week."

SO anyway here I sit with this beautiful hat that I was going to give this guy, but well, I am sort of really busy and don't know if I will have time to box it up and send it off.




P.S. Maybe I should auction it off. Do I have any bids ? :lol:

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I'll start the bidding a 15.95 plus shipping!

I want a genuine Rob's Hat!

Might even make me more handsome than I already am! :)



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  • Admin

Hello Doc,

I don't know that guy! He's scared you're going to come all the way down to Arizona and get skunked. It's hard enough to find a nugget let alone get my best pal (YOU) over a nugget. You like to detect naked, so I'm always pointing from the next hill. :D

I would like to put an order in for 1,000 hats! :rolleyes::lol:

I don't care what the competitors say about you, you're really an all right guy! :P

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Doc already sent me a hat for welcoming Gus,

And I wear it every day...

Complete with my cool flag

And Army Pin...

I do love the short bills tho...

.....Robs Detecting?????

Doc is giving Robs hats away?????

Shoot if they are Robs hats, I'll take one of those too!

Just kidding.... :unsure:


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HA ! I've been skunked in better places than Arizona !

Come to think about it, I've been skunked just about every place at one time or another.

I did good when I went with Digger Bob. I did good down in Quartzite. I've never had any luck at Rich Hill. And I have good feelings about Rye Patch, but the last two times I went, once I got snowed out, the other I got rained out. Oh and that damn Rattle Snake Canyon has kicked my ass more than once. Joe for the Gold has done everything but grab me by the scruff of the neck and rub my nose in a nugget like a dog that pissed on the rug.

I've always done well in Gold Basin but then I know that place like every inch of my glorious naked body.

Hey, my competition couldn't say anything bad about me, because I don't have any competition. When you run your business with the level of customer service that you and I give our customers, there is no competition. And the other guys that do run their business the same as we run ours, I don't consider them competition, they are my friends and colleagues !

Take care!

OK I have $15.95 so far for this beautiful LIMITED EDITION Rob's Detector Sales hat.




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  • Admin

Hello Doc,

Very well said! :D We need to talk about the shirts. I would like to have some of them designed and will pay whatever your demand is. :P I guess that means hard earned cash and an invite on a gold expedition here in Arizona. I know I can get you over a nugget Doc, I know thousands of spots here in Arizona. However, I'm trying to find that special patch where I can share it with close friends. ;)

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Rob I emailed you the link the wholesale company I get blank hats and shirts from.

Don't get too carried away. My embroidery machine only does one item at a time.

When you want to get like 48 of a piece or so, I have another supplier that will do the embrodery work for you.

For yourself, I can do about 6 T's and 6 Polo's and 12 hats.

Oh here are a couple of other places I have used, they have some different styles.



It is very time consuming because you have to hoop the item and get it straight, that takes the most time. Then you sort of have to keep an eye on the machine so it doesn't break thread.

Take care!


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Hey Doc,

I sure would like to put in a bid on a hat and one of these days I will do that.

Right now I'm just too busy during the week nugget shooting.

On Sat. I have to take care of my honey-dooos.

And on Sun. well that is a day of rest.

So you see, I just don't have the time to write a check right now, but I will one of these days.

Anyway I need a short cord, more than a hat.

Bob T.

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That's a one of a kind hat! How mean would it be to sell the only hat in the whole world with Rob's logo on it? But I couldn't resist teasing the crap out of him.

Sorry guys, that is a one of a kind hat, only for my dear friend, Rob. After I took pictures of it, and posted in on the forum, I took it to the post office Saturday night and sent it off Priority Mail to him.

He should have it tomorrow hopefully. Then if he takes a picture of himself in it, we can see how handsome it makes him look.

I know Rob, and it had to just be killing him, I know he wanted to ask me if I really was going to give that hat to someone else. But I have to hand it to him, he bit his tonque and waited for me to blink. As good of friends as we are, Rob still doesn't know when I am pulling his leg, and when I'm serious. Sort of funny really, because Rob knows the rule I live by, treat people the way you would want to be treated. Well it would kill me if someone made a hat with my logo, and then didn't give it to me, that would just be WRONG. But teasing Rob about it, well, I coulsn't help myself, the devil made me do it.

But then again, Rob is a very sensitive guy, he is kind to a fault, and he takes things personally, because his friends mean a lot to him.

I am very blessed to be able to call him one of my closest friends.


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Good one Doc! :)

Rob is a one of a kind! So it is only right that he should have a one of a kind Hat!

But now I am faced with a dilema!

Do I envy him for all the gold he finds...................

Or envy him for having such a nice "One of kind" Hat!

HIs Hat!


His Gold!

That's tough!


I'll just have to envy him for both and know that I know one of the world's best! And appreciate the fact that he is a good friend of mine!

Besides with his new hat on, he'll never be able to forget his name!

And as I get older ......I won't forget his name either........well at least as long as I'm facing him and can read it! ROFL

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