Hey Rob, sent you more hats

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So Peanut Head, I sent you some more hats. I sent you a light gray one like the light tan one only in a smaller size. I don't have the light tan in a smaller size. I also sent you a CAMO hat that is adjustable, it's like a Army Fatugue hat that says ROBS DETECTOR SALES/ Then I sent a military ladies powder blue with adjustable strap with Rob's Detector Sales in pink for Dawn.

I got the logo setting wrong on Dawn's hat and it came out a little small so I will have to do a new one.

I forgot to take pictures of them before I sent them but this is the style.


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Hello Doc,

Looking forward to receiving them, Thanks! :D Just call me Beetle juice, since I have a small head. :wacko: Most of the fitted caps I wear are 6 3/4's or 6 7/8's. Dawn is getting pretty burned out with the Accelerated Nursing Program and has been talking about detecting again. I'm sure she will put good use to the hat you sent her. She said she is ready for a GP3500. :rolleyes:

Thanks a million Doc.

Rob Allison

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