Study on why stuff gets missed with metal detectors

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Here is a link that turns the question of how and why targets get missed with metal detectors into a typical example of government overkill. You'll be amazed at how much detail this report gets into on a subject most of us could cover in a couple paragraphs. It is about mines (the explosive type) but substitute the word nuggets for mines and the results would be the same.

Steve Herschbach

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While this was not intended to be a test of specific detectors, it is interesting to note that they said:

"No systematic difference between time domain and frequency domain detectors was noticed."

Time domain detectors are better known by us as Pulse Induction detectors, and frequency domain are what we call VLF detectors. Basically they are saying they find no inherent differences between the two.


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I know....

One of the things they specifically were looking at was "false" signals - ie, responses to ground mineralization. Now I dont know what detectors they were using, but I find it hard to believe they concluded that there is no difference between a PI and a VLF with respect to ground mineralzation response.


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