STAY TUNED ! Rob is going to have a big announcement

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Hello Guys,

Well this is all news to me. Minelab keeps their secrets quiet until it's time to release something. From what I know the detector is called the MINELAB GPX4000 and will sell for just under $4,000.00 US. It comes with a LI-Ion Battery system that will only work on this machine, not any other SD/GP detectors. I'm still trying to find more information about it besides what is posted on Doc's Forum. I also heard the detectors will slowly come in, so anyone interested in one will have to contact me at - to be guaranteed one right away!

The Minelab GP3500 will not be discontinued, so they will also be available for sale at the normal $3,499.95 price. I still have a nice batch of them in stock if anyone is searching for a GP3500.

The new machine sounds like it has a bunch of new features and the LCD screen will make it nice. I haven't seen a picture, but heard it looks nothing like the old SD/GP detectors! :D

Will keep you posted with more information as I hear it.

P.S. I won't use my GPX4000 this weekend in the push. I will let you get a chance first! :lol:

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hey Rob,

At least you were not last to know. I think I won on that one!

Seriously, I do not want to come off sounding like a dealer/hype guy, but this looks like me to be the real deal. I'm the first one to usually mention how a new machine is just the last one with a new switch. But this unit has enough changes that I think it will get some people's attention.

Minelab, you've got my attention. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these monsters!

Steve Herschbach

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I feel the same way Steve. When they came out with the GP3500 I was sort of ho hum. However, the 3500 did prove to be a quieter machine than the 3000. However that was something that was learned only after you used it.

With this machine you can readily see some real changes that appear on the face of it to be very positive.

Finally Minelab got the clue, LITHIUM ION BATTERIES! Hooray!

This may cut into our Lithium Ion battery system sales to some degree but that's OK. It may also help our sales, because I have a hunch there are going to be a lot of GP3500's 3000's, SD series machines that are going to go on the block to help finance this new machine. Those new owners of second hand machines will get tired of that heavy battery system quickly.

I too can't wait to get my hands on one of these puppies so I can answer some questions.

Take care!


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Well it looks to me like sugar coating mostly.

LI battery = Good, but the thing is still huge and needs its own carrying bag with cords still in the way.

Microprocesor controls can be good also but why stop there and not offer some user configured presets? With a MP control they are simple to include. Also all LCD displays are very shock sensitive. Careful banging it around or your display will vaporize leaving you blind to the settings.

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Hi Shadow,

Yeah, you are probably right. I would suggest that everyone else hold off on getting one of these for at least a year. I'll get one ASAP and give it a good year long test. We all hate those quickie tests. Then I'll report back about this time next year if the unit is worth the money.

Everyone just stick with what you have, and let good old Steve take this bullet for you. :D

Steve Herschbach

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Dear group;

Wow, it looks like the GP3500 might be getting some competition! I've already noticed an increase in GP3500s for sale on eBay!!! With a price tag of $4,000USD I think that I'll stay with my GP3K/SD2100 detectors a bit longer, although I must admit the advertised features of the GP4K seem to be what most detectorsts are looking for. The LED display is an AWESOME and long awaited feature, but why in the world did ML decide to put it on the back control panel instead of mounting it on the handle, facing the operator, like Whites', Garrett and everybody is currently doing? Also, I am interested in knowing if the new GP4K has improved discrimination circuitry as well. If it has a vastly improved iron ID circuit then I might be convinced to break down and shuck out 4K dollars for this newest piece of gee-whiz technology. I would be able to part with my GP3K but I don't think that I will ever part ways with my beloved SD2100v2. ML will have to put forth an extreme effort to make a machine that's easier to operate than they already have with the 2100 series.

Your friend;


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Hi Lamar,

My GP 3500 is for sale, but I have my bases covered as I have and am keeping my SD2200v2. My last nugget, a 2.98 oz specimen, was found with the SD. I like the SD series as it is a different beast than the GP series and therefore seems to do better for certain tasks. And pure analog machines have characteristics that seem to get lost in the traslation to digital, so the SD is my insurance policy and backup unit all in one. Plus I need something to use with my Coiltek Pocket Rocket and external speaker system! An SD and GP combo is impossible to beat in my opinion.

Steve Herschbach

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Yo Steve and All...I have had the chance to play with the GP, 3k and 3500, and I've just gotta say my ol' banged up 2100SD feels better to me...Today at the 24 K pushes I followed up all those machines and found a tremendous number of deep small targets, ferrous and Pb, that had been swung over ... The ol 2100 baboo just has something ... Course, beeper preference i s a highly personal thing, influenced by many factors...But 'long as I'm continuing to find gold with my ol' green machine, I'm a happy camper ... I sure do agree with Lamar about the location of the viewing screen...Just think about how adjusting on the fly witll be hampered by that screen location....They need to have marketing and engineering interface a bit more to have the really great machine...I mean, knobs on the back beneath your elbow are bad enough, but a viewing screen?????? ... Oh well, if things go as in the past, by the time the bugs are cleared from the 4000, the 5000 will have a double page spread in Gold Prospectors Magazine...Cheers, Ron

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