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Hi Grubstake, Thank you for your concern. We are OK but some were not as lucky and some property damage did occur and in some cases, pretty bad. The epicenter was on the other side of our island so we did not experience the full impact. None the less, it was bigger than I have felt in quite some time. It was not a really violent quake but was much longer than the usual. It started off with gentle shaking and just kept increasing and increasing and diden't seem to be coming to an end. Some past quakes have had sharper movements but this was kind of like a slow shake back and forth, just a lot longer than usual. The sad part is that some 100 year+ historic churches were severly damaged with collapsed walls or huge cracks in the structures. It was fortunate that the quake did not occur later in the day. I fear to imagine what would have happened if the quake had hit during Sunday services... There were also several sea cliffs that slid into the ocean during the quake and there would surely have been beachgoers or fishermen on that shoreline if it had been later in the day. Overall, I think the worst hit came to the tourist industy because the power companies lines are protected by breakers that trip during quakes so the air travel was affected, hotels could not clean their rooms and restaurants were closed for the same reason. I had heard that several Hawaii bound flights were cancelled due to the power outage. The news makes it sound worst than it was...but we were fortunate. Thanks again for your concern, I appreciate your thoughtfullness.

Aloiha, Gaine

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