Past two days hunting with Brent Skean

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well Brent came up from Palm Springs, we went out yesterday, we both got skunked, But this morning that all changed, we were hunting my old patch, just a few minutes from the house, and Brent got what he though was a bullit, I looked at it, it was a little secton of broken slate, that had a gold vein running though it, nice little bit of crystaline gold. Maybe a gram. He was happy when he left to head back home today. I'm very happy he finally scored off my patch. Not that big, but gold is gold, he was useing the 3500 and the Platypus. Nice to hunt with him. Heres his picture, he will be heading back to RH to the 24kt pushes soon. Grubstake

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Hello Grubstake,

Brent Skean is a great friend and customer. He purchased his Minelab GP3500 and a ton of coils/accessories from me in the past. Great to hear Brent scored a piece up in your patch. I know he also scored a nugget out of one of the pushes at Rich Hill.

I'm hoping Brent will come back down so I can spend some quality time with him. At the pushes it was like a mad race to the gold! :o

Take care,

Rob Allison

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No ROB, I did not, he changed, and left right away, tring to beat the traffic in Fresno. I'm sure he will post a picture. If not, maybe you can see it when he goe's back to the pushes at RH. Grubstake

Shep will be coming in the morning, to hunt the upper patch, maybe one of us will score. Grubstake

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Yes I did Dave, he write for Lostreasure and a bunch of others, use's Whites detectors and I think he's a dealer. I got in touch with him, he has a 20 ac. claim in the Whitlock Dist. and invited me to come and hunt it. Cool. I don't mind taking people out, on my patches. I'm not stingy and No one gets it all, plent of gold in this world. Make me feel good to see guys get gold on my spots, lets me know its still there. You only get one go around in life, I treat people like I like to be treated. Beside, its just a hobby, not a living. I'm not going to die or go hungry if I don't get gold. But its a challenge, and it take a special kind of person to stick with it, after getting skunked a few times. Grubstake

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