Quick Reference Card GPX4000

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Hello All,

I made a quick reference card for the field that fits right inside the control box cover .


I did some air testing with the stock coil on a 2+ounce nugget inside my place with lots of EM interference and could hear it very clear at good depth and I have a spot right under some power lines that I couldn't hunt before because of the EM noise , I have confidence this will work just fine .

I know air test don't mean squat to some but I believe with some air testing and knob tweaking to figure out what improves the target and what hinders it gives the operator the insight what needs to be adjusted after the ground is added in the factor.

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Hello Mike,

Thanks for posting the "Quick Referrence" chart! :D That will come in handy when you need to refer back to see what the original settings are or how much you can adjust the settings.

It's my understanding after playing with the machine here at home that you can "edit" the (3) pre-programmed settings and save them. However, once you reset the detector (holdin the start button down 4-5 secs) the (3) pre-programmed settings would go back to the original default settings. Is this correct Mike?

Hope you find some nice ones with weekend with the new GPX-4000.

Rob Allison

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Hello Rob,

If you hold the "on" button for 4-5 seconds it will bring up the mode edit screen and then you have 3 choices to choose with the function switch.

1. exit (returns to ON without doing anything) 2. Patch/General/Deep whichever one is selected with the switch on front ( for resetting default of that one mode) 3. All settings (defaults all 3 modes)

Once you have selected one of the 3 with the function switch turn the settings switch and the screen will show GPX4000 (job done) and goes back to the "ON" mode .

I have other plans this weekend , the new patch will have to wait .

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