My First Rich Hill Nugget Today!!!!!

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Yo All....I AM PUMPED....After 8 years of trying I finally got my first gold nugget off of Rich Hill!!!....I've found lots of nuggets all over the Rich Hill area, but NEVER on the Hill its own self...Rob, whether you know it or not, you sorta gave me a pointy finger discribing how you found some recent nuggets and I followed your example...Near one of the 24 K pushes, down in a bedrock crack, late this afternoon I pulled the 2 gram beauty below...I think it's especially cool because it looks like a "thumbs up" ... See, ya just gotta stick with it ;):D ... Cheers, Yer Happy Unc in the Dubyah

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Wahhooo Ron! It's about time! :P I'm happy for you. I figured it wouldn't be much longer. With all the nuggets you've found I couldn't believe it when you told me you didn't have one from the "Hill" proper. I hate to think what will happen next; First Vulture, then LSD and now no more RH nuggets :blink: Congrats. Later...Jim P.

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