GP 3500 gone

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Im new here so give me a break. I just noticed that minelab has stopped making GP 3500 as its not on their website anymore. Guess I need to wait on a bundle package on the 4000. Anyway, hello to all you experts and Im here to learn from you. DENNIS

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Hello Dennis,

Welcome to the forums. :D The GP3500 is still the best detector in my opinion until I can prove out the new GPX-4000. The GPX-4000 does have a lot of functions, so I'm sure once you master the settings you will be able to fine tune the detector to specific ground conditions.

Since the GPX-4000 just got released and will only be in limited quanties for the time being, most will not be bundling this detector as of yet.

P.S. The GP3500 is still listed on the Minelab website. Minelab stated they have no plans to discontinue this detector.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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About the 3500. Yesterday evening I looked at the minelab website and it wasnt there. Really. Im hoping maybe it was pulled for a short time for editing otherwise Im nuts. Thanks

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Hmmmm! Pulled the GP3500's. Isn't that what happened to the GP3000 when the GP3500 came out?


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Hi Rob!

The deletion must have been an Urban Myth!

I visited the Minelab web sitea few minutes ago and the GP3500 is still listed under gold detectors

GP3500 Technical Assistance | Catalogue Request | Locate Dealer

Overview Specifications Accessories Manual Success Stories FAQ


NEW "Quick-Trak" remote Ground Balance "Tracking " and "Fixed" mode!

NEW Manual Frequency Band Adjustment!

NEW 3 Speed Tracking- FAST, MEDIUM and SLOW Modes!

NEW Lighter weight, improved performance 11" DD Search Coil!

NEW Optimized PRE-SET level adjust in each tracking speed!

NEW Quick Adjust hand strap! NEW Quick Adjust Bow Knuckle

Simply the WORLD's MOST ADVANCED and POWERFUL Gold Detector- EVER.


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