24K Push Nuggets & Serious Hole Digging

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Yo All...The 24K Club push on Rich Hill was a blast Saturday...I was surprised at how many folks showed up and it ende up with 25 - 30 nuggets scored...I even got one with my trusty GoldBug 2...I figured it was going to be noisey with so many Minelabs that I hunted in discrimination mode only and, sure enough, the first target I dug was a nugget...Long, skinny and only a few grains, but it screamed "Gold" on the GB2 ...

Pic is below along with my first RH nug that came off near one of the pushes ...

Leaverite got a deep target which turned into a group dig ... In the photos below you can see the efforts, including, Leaverite, Rob, Steve, Steve's Wife (Kitty?), their dog Rufus and a couple more folks ... The final target: a chunk of metal :mellow::angry::rolleyes: But everyone had fun...

I'm normally a private and solitary prospector, but these 24K pushes are turning out to be lots of fun...I would suggest a "rule" though that everyone use headphones instead of external speakers ... It got kinda noisey a few times, but, all and all, fun fun....Cheers, yer Unc in the Dubyah ... PS, Thanks for all the map orders, guys!!!

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Hi Uncle Ron,

Very nice nuggets, may I suggest try running your 2100 on Ch 1 with a big mono coil if the ground is deep, or ch 2 with a small mono coil if the ground is shallow. Channel 1 should cut out all interference, not sure if ch 2 will or not, that could be a big advantage on ch 1.

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  • Admin

Hello Uncle Ron,

Like always it's great to get a bunch of people that are interested in the same hobby together. I'm afraid some day someone will try to stop this great hobby of "gold prospecting!"

You just never know when you get one of those faint, deep targets. You almost hate to leave them knowing Rich Hill is one place where a pound nugget is very possible. I think all of us worked on the target for at least a good hour taking turns digging. We even tried to use a quad wench, but that wouldn't even budge one of the partially buried rocks.

As you can see, I pretty much stood back and supervised the diggings! :D Well unfortunately it was just a piece of iron rubbish, but you almost have to dig them out. Just imagine if you left it behind and someone else dug that big nugget out ... :(

Ron, glad to see you scored your second nugget from the Hill. The more time you spend up there the more you're going to find. I know you had a rough start, but it might be all down hill now. Always great to see you and "Thanks" a million for the new maps.

P.S. Anyone looking for some great custom maps needs to contact Uncle Ron (Ron Long). He can pretty much make a custom map of anywhere in the state, but also has some great map packages that cover most of the major gold bearing areas with marked out club claims.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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