AsK Jimmy Sierra:Weekend detector used inthe Mother Lode

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Hi Jimmy,

Thank You for your time. I am looking for a detector that will be used on weekends, so I don't want to spend a lot but want one that works good and will find gold along with everything else. I live in the mother lode of calif, and plan to go to old hydrolic tailings. I also will be going in some old china camps-and old miner camps. Well what do you think will work best for me. This will be a x-mas gift?

Thank's Kim

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the jingle. This is an easy question cause you do just what I do, that is, what I would like to do every weekend. It seems I just cant find the time any more. I spent lots of time detecting the hydraulic sites you speak of and there are plenty old mining camps around nevada city as well. At any rate, since you want to detect for gold nuggets as well as do some relic and coin hunting, the only detector for you is the MXT by Whites Electronics. It automatically tracks out the ground minerals (which is essential) allows you to see very small pieces of gold (which most of them are) as well as give you a pretty good idea when you are looking at a piece of iron ( boot tack, nail, etc). It has 3 programs built into the microprocessor computer chip. They are controlled by a simple toggle. A Prospecting mode, coin and jewelry mode and a relic mode, the detector is actually the highest tech unit in the line and is state of the art digital technnology. I would advise getting the Deluxe MXT package which includes a second search coil which is better when you prospect. You have the choice of the 6" elliptical coil or the 10" elliptical coil. The smaller one actually gives a harder hit on say birdshot sized pieces, but the 10 inch does go deeper.

Good luck, Jimmy Sierra

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Dear Buffalo Earl

thanks for your concern and I am glad to make the Acquaintance of one of my fathers many friends

With Forums permission we are making available to the general public the contents of over 700 personal emails which Jimmy has carefully answered over the past three years on a wide range of questions concerning our hobby of metal detecting

This is why you see the question and the response posted in the body of the same message

We do this in support of the hobby and the advancement in the understanding of

some of the fine points which are raised by these questions we post.

At 76 Jimmy is still going strong testing and developing new products and actively Detecting

We are making every effort to document his knowledge and share it where it may be helpfull

To avoid further confusion we will append each message with a note reminding the reader that these are indeed actual questions and responses from our archives

which my father has made

Jim Normandi

Jimmy Sierra Inc

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Dear Jim,

Thank you for identifying yourself and for stating the purpose of the posts!. Speaking for myself and not for others on this site or the site's owner or moderators, I am glad that you have decided to come out from under the umbrella of Mr. Jimmy Sierra's name when posting to this and other forums. And that you have provided your name. I am sure that there is knowledge to be gained from your posts of questions that Mr. Jimmy Sierra has answered. In my opinion credibility has been restored now that you have provided your name and why the Q and A threads were appearing. Maybe you could compile all of his advice into an e-book of some sort and make all of his Q and A's available for down load!

Thank you! Please give Mr. Jimmy Sierra big Hello from Texas!



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