Where is Whats4supper?

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STILL AROUND AND STILL ALIVE, JUST ON A NEW PILL THAT SAPS THE ENERGY. don't much feel like doing much at all.


I know what you mean. The doctor changed my meds around and gave me 2 new ones. All I wanted to do was stay in bed, had no energy at all. Got off those in a hurry. Just starting to get back in the groove.


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Whatsforsupper Hoping you get used to those new pills and develop a little more energy to enjoy life a little more. Know what it's like cause I have bad asthma at times. Take it easy and get to feeling better Jerry

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vertical is better than horizontal, fer sure. unless the horizontal part includes getting some of thos nuggets like shep and grubstake got a few week ago.

on another site, nevada nugget hunters, rexb has posted a couple of maps, and some other dude has posted these little tidbits of info about all sorts of potential leads and rich strikes. I'd love to hit out, but I am pretty well stuck for the moment.

later all, and hope you git the big ones.

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Whats4supper: I know what you mean about low energy and medication, I take medication for my heart, back and diabetes and then they change them around and every thing goes to hell until I stop taking some of the crap :angry: hope you get some energy-miss your post and thoughts--hammer :)

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