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Hey all,

I was wondering if all of you could help with an issue that I cannot seem to get a good answer for. I am looking into membership in a gold club. Is the GPAA a good one for new prospectors? I hear they are the largest and have many claims. I live in Vermont and just can't find any clubs that are active in my state. I contacted one guy from the GPAA of Vermont and he told me i had to be a GPAA member first! The club is $79.50 (membership fee) plus shipping. Are any of you members and is it worth the time and money? If you have any issues or inside info you can pm me. All other responses can be posted to the forum for all eyes to see. I guess I am getting sick of the huge influx of new people to ebay, outbidding me for a gram nugget that is only worth $25 bucks with shipping. These people are sick or crazy bidding $43.50 for a 1.02 Gram nugget! I want to find my own grammies and any help will be greatly appreciated. THANKS IN ADVANCE! :D

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Well gr8, I'm not sure why I am responding to this other than the fact I am from VT. Have lived in Alaska now for over 30 years. Think you will have a problem finding many nuggets in Vt. There is not much gold there for one thing, and you are very limited as to what you can do and where. Joining GPAA would probably be a big help, they will know where you can prospect etc. I would be surprised if there are any other gold clubs in that area. What part of Vt are you in?? There are a few prospectors on these forums from New England that may be more help, Bob(AK)

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Hello gr8goldonly,

The Gold Prospectors Assoc. of America (GPAA) is a great club to join. I've been a member in good standings for nearly 15 years now. They have great claims, great outings/events and the best gold prospecting magazine. I'm not sure about the claims in VT or the amount of gold you will find there, but out West they have some very productive gold claims. The advantage of the GPAA is the fact they have claims in nearly every US state.

Good luck on your quest for gold,

Rob Allison

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You not need to be a member to attend the meetings or there outtings but you need to join to work there claims.


You DO NOT have to be a GPAA member to join a chapter . If you are told that then you must call 1-800-551-9707 and speak to Walt Eason the Chapters Co-Ordinator . If you can't get him then speak to Julie Jones .
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