Oh My, It's a Vein of Gold!!!

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I'm not going to say where or when, but an old and famous mine in a well known area west of sydney, a long way west of sydney Australia was worked small time by a few tributers over twenty years ago.

The miners fired a cut at the end of their shift and went home. Next day they came to bog-out and found that the cut still stood and hadn't come out at all.

On examination, the shot had been absorbed by the gold in the face that had stretched some but stood against the blast. They ended-up hacking it out with axes and a tomahawk to get it bagged and to the surface.

I was working for the mines dept and had to try and dolly the stuff to get into a size to feed to the battery.

What a job. It was so rich it beggered belief and had to be smashed with slug-hammers. . . forget the dolly pot.

I can't say more.


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Nice photo and a nice specimen of a quartz gold vein!

Wish I had found it!


The stuff dreams are made of!


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Hello Guys,

I actually found the picture on the Internet a long time ago and just decided to post it. When I found the picture it really didn't have much information and I can't even remember where I found it. I believe I was just browsing around on the Internet one night and then found it and saved the picture.

These are the type of gold veins that make the gold nuggets we find today. These veins were enriched near the surface and erroded away to leave us those big gold nuggets! Just imagine finding something like this today. Hell, the wash below, if there is one, probably contains pounds of gold. :o

Sure wish I could say I found it. :P

Rob Allison

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Randy,Are you getting out and finding any yellow?

Not really. I've been doing some panning on my claim, but haven't found anything yet. Went with a guy a couple of weeks ago to an area south of 60 where there's a ton of ore laying around. Seems it's copper ore from mining companies doing sampling in the area. He said some of it has small amounts of gold in it, but we didn't find any that day.

There's another area I wanna get out to and see about some gold, but I haven't been able to get out much lately. Damn gas is expensive :) Plus I've been hiking in the Superstitions so much, you know looking for Dutchie's mine :)

What about you?

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Little geology fact:

Note that the point on the vein that is super rich is small. Note that it occurs only at a point on the main vein where a veinlet splits from the main vein. The veinlet goes straight up. Junctions are sometimes points of enrichment as cold water can come in from the side vein, changing the geothermal fluid in the main vein, causing gold to drop out of solution. This seems like it is a great example of that.


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Hello Chris,

I happened to notice the smaller vein coming in from the top and was curious if that has something to do with the gold being right there. Thanks for explaining that situation that can happen in the vein systems. Just imagine how much gold is still under the surface encased in rock ... :huh:

Take care,

Rob Allison

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