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Dear northocean beach:

The very first upgrade which you should consider would be the Coiltek Pocket Rocket litium-ion battery system, IMVHO. I feel this is a VERY worthwhile upgrade for ALL Minelab PI detectors, from the SD2100 to the GP3500. This would be the one upgrade that I would have if I were to have only one upgrade for either my SD2100 or my GP3000. next, you might seriously consider an audio amplifier, either the remote speaker type, or at the very least a GOOD set of high quality headphones. Rob or several others can best advise you on headphone selection as I have a difficult ime wearing them due to an inner ear problem. As such I use a remote external speaker/amplifier combo, also made by Coiltek, which I happen to like very much. As far as additional coils, this will mostly depend on the type of detecting you will most likely be doing and the type of soils you will most likely encounter.

Your friend;


I have decided on getting either a 2100 or 22. I hear from some that with upgrades some of you think it is every bit as good as a GP or nearly. What upgrades exactly are you talking about? What are the costs of them and where have you bought them? Thanks much.
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Hello NorthOceanBeach,

I carry everything you're talking about from the accessories to the detectors. The SD2100v2 is a great detector. I would highly recommend the Coiltek Li-Ion "Pocket Rocket" Battery System. This system will increase the detector's voltage to a regulated 7.3v over the stock 6v. The problem with the SD series is the fact they are not regulated, so once the stock lead-acid battery starts to drop in voltage you also start to sacrifice some performance (stability, audio, sensitivity & depth).

You will need to upgrade the headphones in my opinion. The SD2100v2 comes with "El-Cheapo's." I would upgrade to the Koss-UR30's or if you're really wanting a good pair, consider the DetectorPro Black Widow Headphones.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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