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hello all just thought id share a pic of my nontypical i shot counted 15x11 just the nubs and points 1/2in or longer. now when i get that gp3000 ill be showing ya a non typical nugget lol.








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Way to go. We call that a cactus Buck here in AZ. Did you hapen to see if he only had one Testical. MOst of the bucks i have seen killed like that only had one NUT. Just a question even if it is a sick one. :lol:

hey thanks ,yep checked thought he would be what we call a stagg but his testies were all intact,the funny thing is i just sit on my camo spinnin walmart bucket on the trail they were traveling and i heard the hoofs a stompin behind me and i turned and drawed my bow back and it was too late the buck was right on top of me. all i could do was let it go half pulled in his side at 1 ft from me,then the buck jumped right into and over the top knocking me down into the creek litterally, and just when i raise up 4 others all in velvet and same kind of horns droptines and all come around the trail and jumped right over me,now ill tell ya ive had a bullet or two whizz by my head a time or two but when i faced those buckes face to face and the smell of the doe extrac on me %$%@#!@! thats all i could do without messin my pants lol.even have pic of the blood oll on the top of me where he knocked me off, but all was goo he was smoked deepitted and some jerkey.even the nad sack went on the 67 cj tranny handle lol.havin him mounted bends hes nontypycal and very hard to find in california,thanks for looking. p.s. im the one with the kids in the pic.


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