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hey all just so happy couldnt hold back anymore, rob hooked me up a killer deal and its not a 3500 0r 4000 but its gp3000 and to me it will be like hemmi 5500 lol. only got a whites mxt with no luck for nugget shootin. at least not for me yet , i know they are hot in alaska but im in ca. so its a major upgrade and any pionters for a very excited newbie to the minelab will be well appreciated. ill be in the randsburg area in ca using it mostly.got my email it was shipped today, yeeee haaaw. thanks rob for the excellent service, will do buisness again.hey all anyone detect the mojave rands district with a minelab gp before, what to expect? be my first time even seeing one in person lol dont know if i even want to get her dirty , oh my listen to me, shit its just a metal detector lol.anyways will be here monday and ill be packed waiting for it going to hit it hard for couple days and see what these gp series are about.you will see my pics in later post or my pic on milk carton either way ya will get a pic lol. once again thank rob, oh the dunmmy thing , ive been in four head ons this year and couple sideswipes, no not my falt except 2 lol, so everyone calls me a crash test dummy becuase i dint get a scratch out of any af the wrecks and every passenger in all vehicles got banged up or sent to hospital so they think im a crash dummy lol. i think the good lord looks out for me , amen!




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I was in the Randsburg area last weekend in the El Paso Mountains. There are a couple of good areas above Goler. The foot of the Rand mountains are productive also..... Good luck with your new detector. I have to be happy with my old Whites GMII & GM3, they both have worked well for me.....

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  • Admin

Hello John,

The detector shipped today UPS Ground. I was hoping you would get it before the weekend, but since UPS don't work on Friday then said it would be Monday. :( The Minelab GP3000 is a great detector. I personally found pounds of gold with mine over the 2-3 years I used it. You got a smoking deal if you ask me, so Thank Leaverite for that deal! :P I'm just the middle man here .... :rolleyes:

If you have any questions with the detector don't hesitate to call, email or PM me. It won't be long and you will be digging gold nuggets up with it.

Great talking with you and hope we can do business again in the future.

Wishing you the best out there,

Rob Allison

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