ROB's Big One Day Holiday Sale ! SUNDAY 9 - 12

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SORRY for the TYPO, it should say DOESN'T not SOESN'T. I can't edit the title.

Between the hours of 9am and 12 pm, SUNDAY 11/25/06 while quantities last, the first 10 people are going to get a special BONUS gift from Rob, DOC and Coiltek!

Buy any COILTEK coil for an SD GP Priced between $205 and $335, and get a COILTEK 1 inch X 8 inch probe VALUE $100, ABSOLUTELY FREE. (Limit of 5 coils)

Buy any COILEK coil for an SD/GP Priced between $340 or more and get a COILTEK 1 inch X 8 inch probe with built in coil/probe switch, so you can switch back and forth, VALUE $139.95, ABSOLUTELY FREE. (Limit of 5 coils)

Rob, and I, and COILTEK want to thank you for all of your support through the year. (All of our coils and probes work with the GPX4000)

Keep an eye out for COILTEK GPX4000 Heavy Duty Power cords and GPX4000 Lithium Ion Battery Systems, and DeTacc Signal Enhancers, COMING SOON !

Be Careful Out There!


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  • Admin

Hello Doc,

Thanks for letting me know about the special. Hopefully some people will call tomorrow, as I will be home all day! :D I pretty much sold a couple of Coiltek 14-inch round mono's this weekend. I won't go into details, but Coiltek was tearing them up at Rich Hill this weekend.

I've placed all my faith and support in Coiltek and they continue to amaze me. Since day one I've been using Coiltek Searchcoils and Products. I stand behind them 110%.

Anyone looking to order can call me at (623) 362-1459.

The Coiltek 1-inch probes are a great investment. I have one in my backpack at all times. They are so small and lightweight you can pack them around and use them when needed. Well worth the investment (especially if it's FREE :P ) to accurately pinpoint gold nuggets, coins or relics.


Probe A - Searchcoil Purchases from $205 - $335

Probe B - Searchcoil Purchases from $340 and Up

Take care,

Rob Allison

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  • Admin

Hello Largo,

The "C" is if you purchased the "A" without the switch and decided to wanted to have the switch. Some like the switch, but I like just the probe since I don't like other stuff dangling from the detector shaft. Give Doc a call since my special already ended .... LOL :(

Take care,

Rob Allison

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