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Hello Allen,

I've personally never used a Coiltek Platypus on the GP3000 since the coil wasn't available when I owned the GP3000. However, I would recommend "Fixed, DD Mode, Sensitive/Normal" for smaller nuggets and smaller nuggets at depth. I would also suggest this mode for meteorite hunting to increase sensitivity a bit.

For larger stuff, I would recommend this setting "Fixed, DD Mode, Normal/Deep."

The ground at Gold Basin from what I remember is low to moderate unless you're right down in the bottoms of the washes. Some of the washes have a high content of black sands, but shouldn't effect the DD much.

I would recommend running "All Metal" mode and just turn the discriminator ON/OFF when needed. I wouldn't recommend running "Disc" the entire time, but some prefer this.

The Platypus is a great, lightweight, waterproof searchcoil.

Hope you find some Space Rocks and Gold Nuggets! :D

Good luck out there,

Rob Allison

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