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hey rob and leaverite,just got my minelab gp3000 from ya, boy this is the test of all test for a dummy lol. anyways thanks puttin it together right now. ty cant wait just as ya would know,the rain clouds timed my delivery lol.


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Hello Gubelube (John),

Thanks for letting me know you received the GP3000. You're going to really like the detector. Are you considering the Coiltek Pocket Rocket System? If so, I will just toss the Bungee Knuckle in with it, if not, I will send it separately.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Hope you have as much luck with the 3000 as I had. For years I had always dreamed of getting the best (Minelab) and got one darn Good friend to boot (Rob) in the deal!

Don’t know if Rob told you, keep an eye on the wall charger, it will smoke the battery if left on to long. Get a 12v charger with a cigarette lighter adapter on it. Or better yet a Pocket Rocket System it’s a must have!

Here’s the first nugget I found with the 3000.It found a lot of gold for me and hope it finds a lot more for you!


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