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ood evening everyone. As you know I've posted many pictures of our placer work but never any gold :( . There are many reasons why I didn't <_< . I know most of you understood.

Well about 2 weeks ago I went out and did some pre-prospecting. Thats where I go and check out areas with my metal detector looking for good placer gound. Well I think maybe I might have stumbled onto a good spot. So I've decided to break my silence and share my GB2 finds :lol: . The dates are wrong on 1 and no date on another. The weights are: .10dwt, .20dwt and .25dwt for a total of .55dwt

O'29er in 29 B)

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Looking good 29. Good thing you were not over here today. Cold as hell with wind gust to 40 mi. per hr.

Jim B. was over today, met him out at dome. Think that he is heading for Bills Fri..

Later Bob T.

Well it was cold here too. We have had wind gusts up 60mph. Hope it slows down I want to go out this weekend and open that spot up alittle.


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