First nugs w 4000

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Well, not really .The first was a 1grain nug, if you could call it that. But, hey I’ll take it. Wednesday I was able to get out with Glenn (The Mountain Goat) to check out a new area. Boy was it cold! Later in the day Glenn had to head back home so I took off a bit farther in to the area and was able to score 3 with the new 4000.This particular spot is loaded with basalt and ironstones, so I had the 4000 set in sensitive and smooth (or so I thought) I think wile pulling the 4000 out of my quad or pushing thru the brush the toggle switch on the front panel got flipped to normal. When I first turned on I checked the LCD to confirm my settings and saw I was in smooth, but when I put the coil to the ground smooth is not what I got. Thinking man this ground is hot I continued with about 4or5 swings and got a signal and began to kick a few ironstones out of the way to confirm, sure enough it was a 0.4dwt down about 4inch. Ohhh Boy I found a spot! So back to swinging before the sun gets even lower in the sky and the temp drops even more. It was going to be a cold one in the desert tonight! 4 or 5 swings more, and I said, self, something aint right .I remember reading on the web or in the manual that you have to be switched to sensitive to have the setting of smooth in the LCD.When I read this, I took it to be that you don’t have that setting to chose from. Maybe Rob or someone on the forum can explain what’s going on in the 4000 when you have the toggle in N and the LCD in sensitive smooth? Anyways flipping the 4000 in to sensitive is like night and day and the next two nuggets came a lot easier!

My settings (for the most part).

Sensitive and smooth.



Fixed Tracking

Coil.Coiltek Skippy Mono


Left to right . 0.4dwt, 0.85dwt, 1.20dwt

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I found if you roll around in the dirt a bit and jab some cactus spines in youre leg the ole skunk can be kept at bay.By the way thanks for the card but I ate some anyways :lol:


Rich Hill aint the only place I've found red dirt :ph34r: Look below my posted pic for the DWT's of the other two nug's. Also Ron, after youre climber nugget I think youre avatar should have a bigger smile on it ;)

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Hey Dennis...I just didn't see those weights below the photo. :huh: ... That looks like gold from a really rich area...Are those the leavings from an old patch or a new area the 4k has picked up? Way to go...Sonic those puppies and put jewelry findings on them and you have some nice xmas presents ... Cheers, Unc

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  • Admin

Hello Leaverite,

Well it's good to see you back "in the saddle" again, at least for nuggets! ;) Over the years I have met and prospected with hundreds of people, very few are like you. For all the people that don't know Leaverite, he's one of the most generous, sharing, caring friends one can have. He will even let you have a run or two at his patches. Thought that worked out well until the 1.6 ouncer! LOL ... :rolleyes:

Congrats on the new nuggets from a completely new area. We seriously need to explore that country more this winter. I've always known there was nuggets in that area, just spent minimal time exploring due to the remote country and access. Could be some sleepers up there somewhere.

Good to know when you're running "half-ass settings" on the GPX-4000 you can still find nuggets! :wacko:

P.S. Gaine, do you already have a Kangaroo Nugget Pouch? You also won one, so let me know if you want it or I will credit you the amount for whatever you order in the future.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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  • Admin

Hello Karl and All,

Here are some new additions for that spot. See when you have "Great" friends like Leaverite we can work the spots together. I just hope I can get over a 1+ ouncer ... LOL.

Leaverite found the nugget on the left and I found the (6) nuggets on the right. Always great to hunt new spots way off the beaten path!

Take care,

Rob Allison

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