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I'll be attending the Quartzite, AZ annual pow wow and show January 24-28, 2007. I'll be flying in from Northern California. Although most of my time will be attending field trips and our own rockhounding trips, I'm considering bringing my GP3500 with me. I have a couple of questions that I was hoping someone could help me with though.

1) I'll have (but maybe shouldn't bring) the external speaker and the lightweight battery system. What is the best way to travel on a plane with this equipment?

2) Is it realistic to think I could prospect for an hour or so here and there and have any luck?

3) Is it realistic to think that I could prospect for gold in some of the same places we may be rockhounding? Especially if we are on our own, following places listed in the Rockhounding Arizona book?

4) Is there perhaps anyone else out there that is planning a similar trip, or lives in the area, that I could hook up with for some prospecting?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Hello Brenda,

The Quartzsite area has been one of my favorite stomping grounds over the years, expecially during the Winter season. I guess that 8.5 ouncer I found many years ago keeps me coming back! :blink:

As for packing the detector and gear on the plane, I've done this many times heading to Alaska. I recommend taking the detector apart and packing the control box with you on the carry on. Just in case something would happen or gets lost, the control box is the most important piece. The other stuff just pack in your suitcase, but pad them well (searchcoil, battery, charger ...).

I've been stopped a few times at Airport Security, even pulled off to the side in Anchorage, Alaska. They had to swab the control box and battery! :huh: I didn't know I looked Middle-Eastern, but .... :rolleyes:

Yes, there are a handful of spots within just 15 minutes or so. I've found nuggets right along I-10 many years ago.

Yes, you can find gold in the rockhound area, others you can't. Some of the better rockhound areas seem to be closer to the mines, some of them being non-gold bearing.

I'm not sure I will be out there, but recommend you contact Colorado Bob on this forum. He pretty much lives outs there and could give you some better pointers.

P.S. Thanks for the recent order.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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