Panamint Valley and environs

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From another thread:

Goldmember, if your part of the PCSC, I suggest checking out their claim up in Benson Canyon right by Goler Gulch in the El Paso's.

I'll definately have to do that, as I have done nowhere NEAR the exploring I'd like to!

Here is a blurb I found through Google:

Would you believe I have driven a Volvo station wagon through Goler Wash, the whole way? TWICE? :blink: I also hiked up to Manley Peak, twice, once returning after dark with no flashlight! Luckily the hill was soft and not rocky most of my path, it was like walking down a moving DOWN escalator. Going back the next day to search for my lost disposable camera with not enough water was almost the death of me.... I kept going and going... damn false summits and foolish determination... stumbled and blundered the last 1/4 mile to Stella's cabin where I was camped. There is an abandoned mine near the peak, the NE corner, visible from the Warm Springs Canyon part of Butte Valley. I think it was called the Broken Bottle. There was supposed to be an adit, but it was filled with sand. There were some large quartz chunks piled outside that I presume were ore, but this was like 8 years ago when I wasn't so much into mining. I know that whole area is now closed to mining but I am interested in the Panamint side of the range outside the park.

Gold was about 240/oz when I was there, and there weren't any prospectors to be seen. I stopped at the heap leach mine two canyons North, they were working but the price was probably kicking their ass. I bet there are more in the area now- anyone been there to see lately? Also, is Goler Wash passable right now?

A ways in the canyon, there is a big abandoned operation on the West side, before Barker Ranch. I was dismayed to see the low-slung tug-tractors rotting away in the sun. Just this week, I found some info from when the mine was active:

It was called the Keystone, and was worked in the '80s. I *THINK* I read that Dr. Pray owns the Falcon mine in the San Gabriels, too. (Hugh Blanchard's site.)

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has any current or former info about the southern Panamint Valley area.



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Wow, that's one wild read...I grew up in Trona and Charlie Manson, Tex Watson (he & I were born on the exact same day in 1945) (Bette Midler was born the day before and Brittney Spears was born my b'day but a number of years later) & the girls were regular customers in my Dad's Western Auto Store out near Trona...Some of my old High School buddies went out and partied with the "nekid girls runnin' 'round in the desert" and so forth...I have had a seriously strange life... :o:rolleyes::unsure:;) ... Cheers, Unc

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Uncle Ron,

First off, I got all the maps. THANKS!!!!

Now as for the other, we will have to conpare stories about the early days, I think we both got caught in the same worm hole..


Check out he the States conservation and Desert Protection Act, I'm not sure but most of that area maybe in it.


Old friend, how have you been? Haven't heard from ys for a while?


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