Prospecting pictures (without gold)

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I've enjoyed all the pictures of gold on this forum. I'd like to share some prospecting pictures that show everything BUT gold, and see what you have.

Here are some scenes from the Red Chispa claim area, West of Duisenberg. Also, my off-road Volvo (Mr. Toad's Wild Ride) at sunset, overlooking Duisenberg proper.




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Hello Goldmember,

I have hundreds of pictures I can share. I hope to have more pictures on my website soon. Just limited on time lately.

That's one heck of a ride you have there. How do the tires hold up out there?

I've scratched my truck up so much in the goldfields I think I wore off the clear coat! :(

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Did anyone else get to the Reno Air Races last September? I got this shot of two members of the Thunderbirds due to mostly to luck, although it was exactly what I was trying to catch.

WOW That shot is great. It captures how well those guys can fly. great photo. zoom-zoom. What 300 Mph. No problem. :blink: AzNuggetbob

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