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Just got my new GP 3500 this Thursday. Have been reading the users manuel over and over and have a question for Rob or anyone else out their with the answer. Page 35 ( Set The Tune Control ). It says when tuning the detector in close proximity to other detectores, each operator needs to take turns tuning. WHAT IS COSIDERED CLOSE?? How is this done at a push with a lot of detectors their at the same time??

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Hello Dredgebug,

Like Flak stated, you will know when you're around interference by the "Wobble." This will get louder the closer you get to another Minelab PI, or the closer they get to you. It's best to use the Manual Tune knob on the GP3500. For Airplanes and most EM Interference you can turn the Manual Tune about 1/4 - 1/2 turn one way or another. This normally will take care of it. For other PI's you might need to Auto Tune and then fine tune with the Manual Tune knob. Sometimes you can completely elliminate the interference, others times not.

It does help if everyone around tunes.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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