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Thanks a bunch for the show and tell yesterday (Sunday) up at the 24K area.

It was also great to meet the other guys and glad to hear Tery found his first nugget with his 4000.

I now have my 2100v2 and plan to play around down here in the valley before decide on what club9s) to join.

Thanks again for a great outing.

Iggy :D

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Hello Iggy,

You're very welcome! :D Glad you came out and joined the group. Now since you have your SD2100v2 you're going to have to come out again so I can show you some pointers on the unit. Make sure you run the Coiltek Pocket Rocket in the 7.3v setting to get max performance out of the detector.

P.S. You left right before I found the nice nugget.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Hi Iggy,

Keep hammering away, the big one will come.

You may want to give the 24K club some serious thought. There has been a lot of gold, both small and large, found on those claims, by a lot of different people.

I'm sure that there is still a lot more that will be found.

A good point is that Elly is having a push about every weekend and as they go deeper, the chances are that more & more good gold will be found.

Also a great group of people to work with and a lot of knowledge to be gained from them. Most are willing to help newbies whenever they need it. That in itself is worth the price.

It's a friendly well managed club with very little nitpicking, if any.

Hope to meet you there.

Bob T.

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