Field Test of GPX-4000

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You need to read the field test done by Chris in Lost Treasure on GPX-4000.He gave this thinking on the machine and the technologically it has over the GP3500. Its like I said on Outback Forum people like Chris Rob and Montana don't need a detector just give them a stick and they'll find gold!

You can try and win the GPX-4000 in Lost Treasure,just read the article and log on to Lost Treasure starting Jan. 1 2007.

Chuck A.

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  • Admin

Hello Chuck,

I don't receive the Lost Treasure Magazine anymore, but would love to see the article. Chris has always been a great writer, so I'm sure it's a great field report.

If anyone can copy the test to the forum or such it would be appreciated.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hello All... Yep Chris did a great job on explaining the 4000 in Lost Treasure

magazine. He used to be one of the LT staff writers.

Not only is Chris a gifted writer and detectorist, but it runs in their family. Chris's

cousin, our Rob Allison are both very knowledgeable and gifted.

I have an autographed copy of what I believe is Chris's first book. "Metal Detecting

for Placer Gold." Some of the photos are not captioned, but I believe one is of Rob(?)

with a happy smile holding a nugget.

And on page 43, "A Special Thanks" : I quote directly " Rob......... My cousin and

hunting partner, without you I would have have never gotten into prospecting."

It is true that "Gold" comes in many forms..... My Best to All Reading this thread....

dutch john

PS: Dutch John is a cold, forelorn, lonely mountain in eastern Nevada, between Ely

and Pioche where my dad and his partner sunk a barron shaft.) It is here I spent

much time as a pre-schooler during the early Depression of the 1930's.

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  • Admin

Hello Jim,

I first want to Thank You for the wonderful Christmas card & picture. Dawn and I both agree your Grand Daughter is a gem! Dawn read the entire card to me as we were driving up to Prescott Valley to visit some family. Jim, you have always been a special "true" friend and I will never forget you. Wishing you and your family good health and wellness over the Holiday Season.

P.S. Chris and I shared some unforgetable moments during our nugget hunting ventures.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Rob and Dawn... I wish you both continued success in 2007. Bella is our oldest

great-granddaughter. Her mom is our granddaughter and Gloria and I are Bella's

primary baby sitter as both her mom and grandmother work...

I will be 77 in a few days. I was recently asked by a young "whippersnapper" how it felt

to be "old." I replied, "I'm not old. Old age is anyone at least 10-years older than I am."

The Youngster came back with another question, "How would you like to be '30' again?"

My reply: "No, it took me along time to get where I am, and I do not want to start over."

So you and Dawn have many glorious years ahead of you. Live each day to the fullest

and be the "Best You can Be."

dutch john

PS: It was cold in the early winter on the south-east slope of Dutch John mountain. But

when you are a youngster without any experience, life is grand. But looking back with

"20-20" hind sight... I sure would not want to be a kid again during the great Depression.

Gosh I was I ever "deprived," just good clean air and a star filled night. And a most

wonderful life ahead of me, with Gloria by my side, now over 50--years.

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Jerry... Everyone: Thanks for the "good words." I wish everyone reading this

thread a "Merry Christmas." I have already registered for the hunt in Riverside

for 2007. And I plan be in the one at Primm in January 2007.

In 2006, I was at the hunts at Primm, Lancaster, Riverside, and Laughlin.

Been going to "fee" hunts since 1974... I go not to "win," but if I "win" any

thing, this is nice. I go for "fellowship" as I only meet some of the other long

time participants at one of these events. I also enjoy meeting the "first timers,"

as they are full of enthusiasm which keeps me "perked up" as I intend

to keep going as long as I can.

Now, since I got this thread of the subject of "replying to Chris Gholsons GPX-

4000 test in Lost Treasure." I will bring it back: Remember to read Chris's

article and enter the LT sweepstakes. Someone will be the "winner." (Grubstake,

are you reading this... GRIN)

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Back to Reno Chris... Just to be alive and mobil will make 2007 a great

year for me. I'm optimistic and renewing my magazine subscripions for

several years instead of just one year. So, I hope to be still "out and

about" even in 2008 looking for some of the "special rocks" that "Neverquit"

missed the last time we were out "beeping."

And Grubstake, I hope you "win." And I have a deal for you. Consider this:

I wll buy your "wornout" 2200d with all of the accessories at 1/2 the price

you paid for it. (And like a stopped clock is exactly on the right time twice a

day)... I will eventually "win" at one of the Fee hunts. So hopefully we will

both be winners in 2007. If not, it was not that we didn't give it a try.

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Grubstake... no problem... there is an vague rumor, that is still floating

about when several oldtimers get together over coffee at the Mill City

truck stop that the "prior owner," also known in certain areas as "tailgate,"

found a nice nugget somewhere in Nevada.

"Tailgate" also found a large mens gold ring with a gemstone while using it

in the dry sand at New Port. The beach was sanded in... and it was a cold and

windy day, but the 2200d reached down (deep) and someone named Hye

helped to dig it, but would not accept any share.

So Grubstake: This guy, "tailgate" is glad that you are keeping it... and it

is not for sale. It now has quite a history... "Gold" truly comes in many

forms, and a claypipe that your uncle gave me is still in my old truck glove


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