New GPX4000 COILTEK Lithium Ion Battery Package

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Have you noticed that while Minelab has done a great job with their new Lithium Ion Battery system for the new GPX4000, it is still a little large to mount to the side of you new GPX4000?

Well COILTEK realizes that many of you really enjoyed the convenience of our POCKET ROCKET system for the SD/GP series.

Now you can have that same conveniene with the NEW POCKET ROCKET GPX.

Included are:

2 - 7800 mAh Lithium Ion batteries

1 - Battery cradle with 5 pin female, and headphone jack

1 - AC DC battery charger

1 - Lithium Ion System Pouch

1 - BONUS - short battery to detector lead for side mounting the system to your detector.

Our COILTEK Lithium Ion Battery System can also use the Minelab GPX4000 curly cord.

These are in the mail to Rob as we speak, he only has 10 coming so you need to act fast. The price is only $275. plus shipping. Not too shabby when you consider that you are getting two extra backup batteries for your GPX4000!

Rob also has a couple of COILTEK Heavy Duty GPX Power cords coming, retail $44.95 plus shipping

We are having more made up as we speak however, the demand in Australia is already pretty strong.

Call ROB now!

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  • Admin

Hello Doc,


I couldn't understand why I had like 14 new Private Messages and a bunch of emails asking about the new GPX-4000 Pocket Rocket System .... Well now I know why! :wacko:

Man, Coiltek never fails to amaze me. They continue to keep coming up with great products.

If you have another 10 units you better send them my way, these buggers are going to go quickly! :P

I have a pre-order list going right now, at least half of them are spoken for. Call, email or PM me right away if you're looking to get one of the first systems available. Dawn will be answering the phone tomorrow morning starting at 7am. :D:)

Busines Line - (623) 362-1459

Email -

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Sorry Rob, you have all I can spare right now, I actually gave you more of them than I kept.

I got the order in, but this was just to hold us over, I told COILTEK that this would hold us for about 10 minutes.

They don't go back to work in Australia until January 9th.

Take care!


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  • Admin

Hello Doc,

No biggie, figured there would only be a "limited" supply to start with. Thanks for sending what you could to me. I will have them all sold within no time flat. You and Coiltek really hit it big with the "Coiltek Pocket Rocket Li-Ion System! :D

Take care,

Rob Allison

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