2nd Nugget ---1st found 07

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There right the first is the hardest to find :o . ----- Thanks for all the help, everybody.----- For answering all the dumb questions & pointing out better ways to do things.

My first nugget I found Dec. 30, 2006 (didn't get skunked for the year-- YEA) :D at 24K club push #5 ------0.5 grams.

My second also push #5 Jan. 6, 2007 ------0.6 grams. ;)

Bit cold & windy up at the 24K this morning but once the sun came out it was great day. Wind died down & it warmed up nicely :) .

wonderer------------Steve L.

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Congrats Wonderer on your 2nd.

I held off this weekend because of the weather and a other local stuff I had to do.

I've been watching weather for next Saturday. May be a bit cold, rainy and windy. We will have to see if the pushes still happen.


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Way to go, Steve....Those first are the hardest...Thanks for showing them to me yesterday...I was headed back out today (Sunday) but it looks like that washboard road into Rich Hill has snapped my rear axle house almost clear into :angry::angry: So I guess I'm SOL on the nugget hunting until I can get it fixed...Does anyone know a good salvage place in Phoenix?

Cheers, Unc

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  • Admin

Hello Steve,

CONGRATS!! Like I mentioned to you before, you have one of the best metal detectors available and a member of some great nugget hunting ground. Just keep plugging away hunting methodical and you will find more. If you spend enough time on the pushes (even weeks after the push) you will find gold. Just just need to work slow, listen for the faint ones and dig everything!

I have your Black Widow Heaphones when you're ready. I'm in the process of ordering more.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Way to go Steve, keep it up. I'm the one you met on the way down the hill after finding your first. Congrats. Later...Jim P.

Ps. Ron, that sucks :( I don't work for the body shop anymore or I could help with a good salvage axle. Your call, but insurance might cover it. I've seen them cover other "off road accidents" Might be worth a call.

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