Identify this rock

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it looks like biotite (the flat gray/green part) and sulphide ore (the bluish/reddish/luster part). sulphide as in copper, antimony, silver, some gold maybe, and iron. have it assayed if you think it carries values.

other tests would be qualitative- all the minerals included.

quantitative- percentages of each mineral.

reductive- how to treat the ore to get out the desired minerals (no such thing as 100% extraction), and what may be considered the primary ore or the secondary ore.

if the rock is light in weight, then the part that I described as sulphide ore would be schist. mostly mica and muscovites, a form of metamorphic rock. while not gold bearing in its form, it can be an indicator of gold bearing areas. sometimes, nuggets and small placer gold get trapped up in its platy formations. the main component of the mineral is beryllium, which is used in nuclear bombs and rockets, or as an insulator in toasters. Beryllium is also found as the gem stone Beryl.

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