Thanks for the "Boto"!

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It can make for interesting entertainment to show the ladies and wait for them to ask what it is made from while they are holding it. For a while someone made canes out of bull penises that were dried with a rod in them and then coated with a poly acrylic coating. They were beautiful. My dentist had one and showed it to an uppity lady who thought is was cute til she read the tag about how it was made and then screamed and threw it across the office. Jerry

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LOL...I showed the pouch to my teen Daughter and told her to feel how soft the inside was. She said that it wasn't that soft but was puzzled how they managed to make that shape without any seams. She asked how they made it and I explained to her that it was the natural shape. Natural shape of the Roo's scrotum. Ya shoulda seen the expression on her face! :lol:

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