Randy Nickles Bust Cherry BIG time

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Went detecting with a friend of mine and SHEPs today, he has a 2200sd and was using a Platypus coil, He found his very first NUGGET, BIG TIME loss of Virginity. Heres the pictures. 28.8 DWT Grubstake PS his second time out with me.


You must be a great tracker for that gold.

I have one question.... What is that green stuff on the ground. :D Iggy

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:D Grubstake got me over a nugget today, and wow what a nugget! :blink: My first gold with my SD2200d Minelab metal detector, Platypus coil, signal enhancer. I've been metal detecting for gold almost a year, you know, off and on.. I've probably dug 500 different targets, like nails and bullets and bullet cartridges and wire and tinfoil and all sorts of little pieces of junk, and this sounded just like another piece of junk but the dirt was not disturbed and it was in larger pieces of quartz rock and I just kept getting a strong signal but I had moved the target, and it still had a good, strong signal. I finally had it in my hand as a dirt clump and that clump of dirt felt HEAVY. I was thinking maybe it could be what I am looking for, or a chunk of iron. Then I passed it over the coil, it sounded off and I knew it was the target, I wiped it off and I could see gold, of course then I was really hoping it was gold, but still thinking it could be a hunk of brass or some sort of metal junk. So I rubbed it a bit more with my thumb and there was no doubt. It was only about 4 inches deep. Wow, that was fun! I hope everyone reading this gets the opportunity to find gold with their metal detector, you won't forget it. Thanks Grubstake.





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Hello acronn (Randy),

Congrats on that beautiful piece of gold you found! ;) You should be very fortunate that you have friends like Grubstake and Shep. Over the years I have watched Grubstake invite friends to secret patches, which most won't do. I know it's just a matter of time and Grubstake is going to find a Monster for being such a good person to others.

Randy, hope this is only the beginning for you.

Rob Allison

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