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Been looking for some new boots, and it seems that the Bates Boot would fill the bill, but they have around 30 different kinds. lists them all under Boots.

They run from $59.95 up to around $150.00

Was wondering how many of you wear them and how comfortable they are, right out of the box.

Also how well do they wear?? [Durability]

I am not interested in steel-toes and eyelets.

Bob T.

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Hello Colorado Bob,

I'm partial to the Bates Boots. I've been through about 6 pairs in the last 5 years or so. I get a good 6+ months out of one pair, but I'm hard as hell on them. The Bates Boots are comfortable, have great traction and have absolutely no metal. :D

I've seen people order the Bates from a few online stores for a bit cheaper, but heard one person had a problem with the size and it took 6 weeks to get another pair. If this happens with Doc, it takes about 3 days, no BS. :) You might pay an additional $10 or so, but the service is worth it in my opinion.

Just order them directly from Doc.

Rob Allison

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Hey Bob...I just got my new boots in yesterday, the Magnum Stealth II and I think I'm going to like them...Mike K. turned me on to the Stealth boots years ago and I've had half a dozen pairs...No metal and very comfy...I wish they made them in tan but I'm sure Ill have these worn out before the hot weather starts....Cheers, Unc

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